Kennel Drak'era

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Kiusa has been mated to Dex in Holland! Hoping for dutch pups
Saphira, Kozmic Blue's Lucy, passed away this morning on our morning walk in the forest. It was a calm moment. Saphira came running to me, laid down in the green vegetation. At first I thought she was just enjoying the walk, living in the moment, but as she didn't rise up I realized that this may be it. I spoke to her, ensuring her that I was beside her. Åska sat behind her back, also calm. In a moment, that felt like hours but really didn't last for longer than at most a minute or two, we just were there, in that moment. She stretched her front legs and took her last breath and then she was gone. Our hearts are breaking, but in the same time we are grateful for all that she has given us and that she got to pass away like this in the forest where she liked to be and didn't have to be alone. Love you Saphira, rest in peace.
Kennel Kare-Saran, Cassiobeijen and Drak'era CAMP at Hauhovi, Hauho. The Drak'eras has been training mondioring, obidience and tracking in the forest and in the fields. We had much fun!
April - August 2016   CONGRATULATIONS on all the GREAT results! I feel honored to have such great puppy owners!
Drak'era Beorn HD: A/A ED: 0/0 Spine: VA0 LTV0 (normal), passed BH test, obedience ALO1, ALO2 and ALO1
Drak'era Blizzard HD: A/A ED: 0/0 Spine: LTV0 (normal), eyes: ok, obedience ALO1, int. dogshow BOB, CAC, CABIB
Drak'era Brandr HD: A/A ED: 0/1 Spine: VA0 LTV0 (normal), passed BH test
Drak'era Bliss HD: A/A ED: 0/0 Spine: VA0 LTV0 (normal), passed BH test, obedience ALO1 (TOKO rotumestari 2016!)
Drak'era Busa HD: A/A ED: 0/0, passed MH description

Vasa international Dogshow.
Drak'era Bronze JUNC1 CQ CAC BB2
Kozmic Blue's Lucy VETC

Thank you for the pictures Nea Lindvall.

Six of the B-litter pups are meeting up in Akaa to train and celebrate their upcoming birthday.
Drak'era meetup in Malax at PAWS-Berra-Arena. The pups got to do showtraining with Justo Estupiñan Peña, playing/bitework with Mika Mahlamäki and obidiencetraining with Satu Juurikka. More pictures here.
Åska and pups. Two participating Drak'era puppies missing in the picture.
1.1.2016 HAPPY NEW YEAR and GOOD LUCK with all challenges 2016!
10.10.2015 Updating some pictures on the litter-pages. Check them out!
All puppies have found active lovely homes. Bronze stays with us and goes by the name Rama. Busa will stay until she is 15 weeks and then move to Sweden.
WE'VE GOT PUPPIES! They are born on Easter, 4.4.2015, 5 boys and 5 girls <3 The puppies are now over one week old and are in good health. If you seek an training companion for any canine sport, here's your chance! In that case, please contact Marica.

New year new opportunities, Åska was mated to Hiro yesterday and today. It's been so nice to see Hiro and his family again. Hopefully it will take this time and we'll get puppies in the beginning of April.

If you like to read more in Swedish, take a look at the blog.

Obedience competition in Korsholm, judge: Juha Kurtti
Åska & Marica AVO1 TK2 173 p (1/8)
Obedience competition in Jakobstad, district championships, judge: Veijo Kinnunen
Åska & Marica AVO1  173 p (1/6)
Obedience competition in Nykarleby, judge: Allan Aula
Åska & Marica AVO1 KP 183 p (3/10)
(1st prize in class 2, with honor, 3rd in class)

Kihniö dogshow, judge: Maija Mäkinen
BOB and CAC Elderberry's Unlimited Star
BOS FI CH Doggimainen Kalevalan Ilmarine

Ikaalinen dogshow, judge: Maija Mäkinen
BOS and CAC Drak'era Archean Pomona (Pixie)
BOB and CAC WYSIWYG's Blue Peacemaker

+ Drak'era Archean Juno "Aina" 4.12.2012 - 20.8.2014 (killed by snakebite)

Our condolences to Ainas family.

You came into my life one day
So beautiful and smart,
My dear and sweet companion,
I loved you from the start.
Although we knew the time would come
When we would have to part,
You'll never be forgotten,
You left paw prints on my heart.

                       Aina & Dimma. Picture: Pia Nygård
Åska was on ultrasound examination and to our big disappointment she was empty.
We visited Hiro in Sweden and he and Åska mated successfully. Puppies due date around 17.8.2014 :)
Some pictures on facebook.
Vaasa International Dogshow, judge Sanna Vakkilainen:
Elderberry's Unlimited Star (Dimma): VG JUN1

New website and web address!
Also got the brilliant news that Åska is obicience dog of the year 2013 in ALO-class and got the best result in ALO/AVO-class in Vaasa Kenneldistrict. Wohoo!